4 Steps To Not Getting Fooled By Sacha Baron Cohen (For Famous Idiots)


Are you a gullible celebrity, famous person, or well-known politician? Someone in danger of being made to look like an idiot in front of millions of people thanks to an actor who likes to create “characters”? Well, you sound like someone who could use a guide to help them avoid being embarrassed by Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor famous for creating characters like Ali G, Borat, and a variety of new ones in his latest Showtime series, “Who Is America?” But don’t worry, because we have some SIMPLE QUESTIONS to ask yourself to help you avoid that fate!

1. Does the person sitting down for an interview with you look suspiciously like Sacha Baron Cohen? …the guy from Borat? You know. I know he’s mostly in costumes, but he’s PRETTY famous and recognizable.

Look at that guy. Is he kinda weirdly tall? He’s got that very specific Sacha Baron Cohen mouth-shape? He’s doing SOME kind of accent that you can’t quite pin down? Hey, there’s a good chance that might be Sacha Baron Cohen! So, please for the love of god remember this: DON’T SAY ANYTHING STUPID.

Although, honestly, that’s pretty solid advice for ANY TIME. I mean, even if it ISN’T Sacha Baron Cohen, there are FILM CAMERAS POINTED AT YOU. PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT YOU ARE SAYING A LITTLE MORE CLOSELY.

2. Is there some really obvious make-up on them, like it’s a MadTV sketch or something?



C’mon dude. This does not look like a human being who exists. This looks like a guy with some extensive make-up work done – and not even SEAMLESS make-up. We’re talking MadTV trying to make Will Sasso look like Arnold Schwarzenegger territory:


20th Century Fox

It doesn’t look believable on TV – I can’t even IMAGINE how ridiculous it looks in-person. It looks like chunks of his facial prosthetics were falling off in the interview – DID YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT LOOKED NORMAL?

3. Have you tried GOOGLING the person’s name who’s interviewing you? Have you at least done that?

Hey, look, maybe not everyone has a PR team who can at least do some BASIC DUE DILIGENCE before filmed interviews (although very famous people and politicians absolutely have entire teams dedicated to nothing but making sure their clients don’t look like morons, so kinda dropped the ball there) – but everyone should have the smarts to GOOGLE the name of the person who’s interviewing you. If they give the name “Mr. Fakey Baron Cohen But In a Wig”, maybe you should reconsider giving the interview.

For real though – Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t going to Nathan For You-style lengths to mask his identity. He hasn’t created elaborate details for all of his characters that would show up if you googled whatever fake name he gave you. HOW HAVE YOU PEOPLE NOT FIGURED OUT GOOGLE YET?

4. Have you tried asking the person interviewing you “Are you Sacha Baron Cohen?” Honestly it’s probably worth starting every interview with that question, just in case.



If you’re a controversial or famous person and some weirdo you’ve never heard of is asking you to sit down for an interview, you MIGHT AS WELL start it off by asking if they’re Sacha Baron Cohen. Most of the time, the answer will be no and you can move on. But every now and then, it WILL be Sacha Baron Cohen, trying to make you say stupid stuff about sending babies to the sun or something. And if you just ask that when he IS there, he’ll probably figure the jig is up and move on – and you’ll have saved yourself some embarrassment!

Although, if you’re the type of person who can be ‘exposed’ by Sacha Baron Cohen, odds are you’ll say something obscene and idiotic in public eventually anyways. Sorry.

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