Bruce Lee Movie Video Review

‘புரூஸ்லி’ படத்தின் திரை விமர்சனம்!

Bruce Lee Movie Review

GV Prakash is the latest trend in Kollywood. He has got a release almost once in every month and busy shooting for handful of projects that involves biggies.

If it has to be a comedy caper then it has to have GV Prakash in the lead. And joining the list is Bruce Lee. Directed by newcomer Prashanth Pandiaraj, the movie stars Kirti Kharbhanda as heroine.

The movie boasts of some big names like Mottai Rajendran, Bala Saravanan, Ramdoss, Anandaraj, Mansoor Ali Khan among others.

A timid guy fighting all odds to make it big forms the crux. The director has ensured that there is abundant laughter and uses the image of GV Prakash to perfection. But sadly the storyline is predictable with no surprise elements and there is mockery on one too many things in the movie.

Bruce Lee (GVP) is a shy and timid guy cowardly guy. He always gets bashed by others. He in the company of his friend Bala Saravanan spends all his time. Because of Bruce Lee, his friend gets into all trouble.

Enters Kriti Kharbanda. There is romance in it. The heroine happens to photograph murders committed by a funny don Muniskanth. And there is a police officer Anandaraj behind the criminals. The girl gets kidnaps and the rest is how they manage things.

GV Prakash is at his comical best and does a wonderful job, He pulls it off well. Three cheers to the lead pair Kirti and GV Prakash for getting it right. And Bala Saravanan with his usual oneliners steal the show.

The funny acts of Ramadoss to go well with the story. Muneeskanth as comical villain steal the show. The movie could have been more engrossing for the story was engrossing. More lightly, it gives one a deja vu feel. And the fact is nothing looks serious in the movie.

Though the movie provide you some laugh, it could have been better had the story was crisp. But for those who love some adult comedy and fun filled scenes, Bruce Lee is okay.

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