{CLEAN} ⇨All Aftew “Memes”⇦ |Try not to LAUGH or GRIN |good stuff| 2017 ✔

A new challenge!
I tried my best to mix them up as much as I can so no hate 😛
I really didn’t want to call them memes, because They aren’t really memes, but what else is there to call them?
Also by “super crazy impossible” I mean about 75% will laugh

in the video, it says that you have to answer 20 questions, and every 6 you get right you get an entry.
NOW you get an entry for even trying, and you can get even more entries for using the codes provided in this video. Video link:
Good luck!

Since this is mine theres no reason to add this but Collab is really dumb so
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Sorry, no links to videos this time, since they were all taken down. I can provide you with some of the music used though:

Intro music:
Eurobeat music: – –
Some of the google ad musics:

Thanks for watching!
Try not to laugh or grin (2017)

the throne

Jul 25, 2018

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