Donald Trump vs CNN #CNNBlackmail Meme Compilation

CNN Blackmails a teenager over Reddit Donald Trump wrestling CNN MEME COMPILATON Montage. #Cnnblackmail MEME WAR

This is a montage / compilation of the best new CNN BlackMail memes that I could find but. The new CNNBLACKMAIL meme! This is basically my previous video (I put Spongebob music over a Trump vs CNN #CNNBlackmail meme compilation) but without the Spongebob music.

The original video:


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▶︎ CNN Scandal memes compilation – Cnn Black Mail
▶︎ #cnnblackmail new best compilation MEMES
▶︎ Trump beating up CNN #CNNBlackMail July Compilation

One of America’s most popular news networks has been accused of blackmail after tracking down the creator of the controversial meme tweeted by President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump recently tweeted an edited clip from his 2007 “WrestleMania” appearance, in which he tackles World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon to the ground. In the edited clip, Mr McMahon’s head is replaced with a CNN logo – a reference to the President’s ongoing feud with the network.

The tweet sparked immediate outcry, with many accusing the President of inciting violence against journalists. It is also Mr Trump’s most-shared tweet of all time.

In response, reporters from CNN tracked down the alleged source of the gif: a Reddit user with the screen name “HanA**holeSolo,” who posted a similar gif on the Reddit forum “r/The_Donald.”

Citing an apology from the user, however, CNN said it would not publish his identity.

I put Spongebob music over a Trump vs CNN #CNNBlackmail meme compilation:

CNN Blackmails Han Solo MEMES #CNNBlackmail (STAR WARS) – Donald Trump vs CNN (CNN BlackMail meme):

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