Love Westworld? You’ll Flip For This Robotless Theme Park That Lets You Ride Rollercoasters and Thrill Rides



Are you one of the many fans of HBO’s sci-fi western series Westworld who doesn’t know what to do now that Season 2 is over? You may be interested to find out that, as you wait for Season 3, you could be spending your time at a real life Westworld for a fraction of the price – a robotless one that lets you ride rollercoasters and thrill rides! 


Our theme park in sunny Vallejo may not be owned by Delos Inc., but it still contains plenty of references, fan service, and easter eggs to keep both the casual and diehard Westworld fan amused.

As you enter the park you’ll notice droves and droves of People, a clever twist on the Androids we are all familiar with from Westworld.



Guests will be thrilled to discover that very much like in Westworld, these People can be interacted and incorporated into your wildest, most taboo fantasies. Worth noting, these People are often more hesitant, even reluctant to participate in things like being shot. And if you do engage in activity like this you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Rather than have the entirety of our park devoted to the American West, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo bestows that honor upon just one section of the park – not far from the Green Lantern ride. Once you do reach our American West section though, you’ll be happily met with enough saloon doors, cowboy hats, and again, no robots at all do not hurt anyone to satisfy your Westworld itch until Season 3.



Nothing will make you feel more like Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host working at Westworld, than becoming a regular here by purchasing a Six Flags Season Pass, Premium Pass, or Gold Pass membership which entitles you to as many visits to our glorious, kinda like Westworld park that you can imagine. 

Now let’s talk horses! We don’t have any. But! Technically we have some that are made out of plastic and have poles running through their bodies that can be found on each of our park’s dazzling merry-go-rounds. You’ll feel just like Teddy Flood riding a beefy stallion, provided that Teddy Flood first waited his turn in line, which at full queue normally takes 20-25 minutes.


Don’t think we forgot about guns! We have rows and rows of guns that our guests are free to use whenever they like. These guns are cemented into place on a stand and shoot water into a clown’s mouth. Yeehaw!

Let Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo be your own personal “Reveries” update that awakens within you your true nature – your true nature to have an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience at Six Flags!*

*Do not come here to fuck and kill people.

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