PUBG Anthem: Here Comes The Blue

This anthem goes out to all the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players who get a chicken dinner without even firing a single shot.

Animation by Mr Weebl & Kreid
Music and Sound Design by Mr Weebl
Produced by Tom Jenkins

What happens when you drop right at the edge of the safe zone? You grab your buttpan and you RUN!

This cartoon was made by Mr Weebl, who previously made such cartoons as Watch Dogs and Titanfall 86. The nipples in this video are a metaphor for our deep sexual attraction to one another.

This cartoon was also animated by long-time collaborator, Kreid. He previously made Titanfall 86 and the Battlefield 1 Anthem for us. Kreid is a credit to the animation community and we have a deep sexual attraction to one another.

Watch Dogs:

Watch Dogs 2:

Titanfall 86:

Battlefield 1 Anthem:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: House Hunting

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