New awesome, 2017 Memes compilation created by Deset Media Production.
Vote for your favourite meme and I will post it on our blog for a download with and without meme.

If a picture can tell 1000 words,
than this video is worth: 65000 words, ( times) 4 letters per word, (times) 10 minutes of the vides = 2.6 million views.
Wishful thinking ,right?

A picture can tell a thousand words,add few words and you can change its story!
Very true.
From time to time, you can stumble upon a beautiful looking photo taken in a mesmerising, magical and such beautiful place….just breathtaking photo..
Or photo that just doesn’t have anything special to offer.

Suddenly, a joke comes to your mind while watching that photo…twist a word or two and mesmerising photo gets a whole new meaning and dimension and boring photo brings smiles on peoples faces.
That moment is what we are looking for…that Aha! moment…or Awwww! moment.

Thats what we did with these photos.
We hope you like the video and we sincerely hope that you can find that Aha! or Awww of Ha Ha Ha! moment.
If you happen to giggle or say Awww, at least once out of 60 photos….our job is done!

Pictures used in this compilation are used as a memes background only and not published anywhere else by DMP.

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Video created for informational and educational purposes under the “fair use” policy.
Audio Clips used in Video are downloaded from Royalty free YouTube library.

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